New Car Purchase

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Consumer Problem-solving activity
New Car Purchase
The worldwide annual sales of new motor vehicles for 2012 are 759,024 units for passenger cars and 957,779 units for trucks. The average price of a vehicle was $30,748 in 2012. This indicates that the automobile industry is a significant market in our economy. The auto industry involve in consideration the consumer behaviors in purchasing new car which must be taken in order to achieve the purpose of successful business, which is for the industry and dealers to be better off than before. The consumer’s group includes final consumers purchase and organizational consumers purchase. The final consumers purchase for personal, family, and household use. The organizational consumers purchase for further production, usage in operation, and resale to other consumers. When the consumers trigger a decision to buy a new car, the decision processes of consumers associated with problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post purchases behaviour. The first dimension that will be problem recognition, it is the issue take place to trigger an observing decision. Consumer considers the purchase an automobile. Once this need has put consumer on the market, the consumer start to research the information through personal sources, such as their own experiences, asked the friends and family member advices for recommendations regarding the dealerships and car models. Public sources such as consumers will search from auto forum to get the results of various auto car review rate. Marketer dominated sources, such as advertising, web sites, salespeople, and point –of purchases display in stores. After the information search, consumer will visit several dealerships’ website and stores. The consumer will pick up few brands to continuing evaluation of alternatives such as yielding brand names, suggesting criteria to use to judge the various brands, and developing consumer value perceptions....

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