New Product Need Analysis and Targeting : Car with Wide Range of Use

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Automobile, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Assignment nr.1
New product need analysis and targeting : Car with wide range of use.

There are a lot of cars companies which have a lot of different models which satisfy very different consumer audiences. I think it is possible to make one car, which could satisfy greater range of audience. Offcourse everyone cant be satisfied, but if car could fit needs reffered below, it could be very succseful in satisfieng wide range of consumers.

Features to satisfy the need

Big and convertible salon, spacious trunk, 5-7 seats.

Car has to be spacious, so you can go somewhere with your friend without worrying that there will not be seat for them to sit. Also you have to be able to go to family trip with it and take everyhing with you, so the trunk should be enough big for big bags. Also there should be enough space in back, so you could do some business work whili sitting in back. If saloon would be convertible, then it would be easyer to adapt it for your needs. SpeedVery powerfull engine, which can provide enough power in any conditons. Every people want to enjoy speed sometimes. Offcourse it will be more important for men. But very often speed is not only entertaiment. There is enough situations on rode, where you need fast and dynamic car to avoid accidents. Fuel economy Engine which has newest techonologies to reduce fuel consuption to minimum. ( Diesel combined with electro engine) No matter how wealthy you are or what kind of car you are driving, it is important how much fuel it is consuming. The less fuel it will conusme, the less time you will need to spend in gas station and less cheaper it will be to use this car. “Green”Same as before – engine which has newest techonologies to reduce fuel consuption to minimum. ( diesel combined with electro engine). + many filters in way from engine to exhaust to reduce CO2 emissions.This is becoming more and more important in nowdays. There are more and more...
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