Office Administration

Topics: Audit, Auditing, Financial audit Pages: 7 (1461 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Student Name: Karina Francis

Student Number:

Center Number:100121

School: Titchfield High School

Territory: Jamaica

Date Submitted: January 23, 2012

Teacher: Mrs. P. Thompson – Flemmings

Topic: An investigation of the effectiveness of the auditing procedures used in the accounting office at the Portland Parish Council.

Name Page
Letter of Correspondence5
Methodology 6
Questions Asked7
Schedule of Activities 8
Regulations and Policies9
Office Equipment12
Interview questions 14
Business Form15

An investigation of the effectiveness of the auditing procedures used in the Accounting Office at the Portland Parish Council.

In the completion of this School Based Assessment, I would like to thank God in giving me the strength in finishing it. Also to my teacher Mrs. Flemmings in assisting me when help was need and also to Ms. Maxine Speight for giving me accurate information that was well needed.
The researcher seeks to find out:

1) What is auditing and how it is done.

2) Why is auditing important to a firm.

Two functions of the accounts office are:

1) To control finances of an organization.

2) To maintain accurate records of all transactions.

Lot 4 Stanton Harcourt Housing Scheme
Fellowship PO

12 September 2011

The Manager
Portland Parish Council
1 Gideon Avenue
Port Antonio

Dear Sir/Madam

Permission to conduct research for SBA

My name is Karina Francis; I am an 11 grade student of Titchfield High school. I am conducting a research for my Office Administration CXC course. The topic is an investigation of effectiveness of the auditing procedures used in the Accounting Office.

I am therefore asking permission to conduct the research at your organization. This research would involve me meeting with you and your accounting team for an interview.

You may contact me at 484-3549 at any possible time after 2:30 p.m. I await a favourable response.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Karina Francis

The researcher employed the use of an interview in order to gather information needed to compile her School Based Assessment. An investigation may be described as a meeting between an interviewer and an interviewee, with the aim of gathering information from the questions being asked.

The interview method was chosen because it is less time consuming than the questionnaires that would take up time. It allows the researcher to get the most honest answers from the interviewee. The interview was conducted over the telephone, where the researcher asked eleven (11) questions. The researcher had only interviewed one member of staff.

1) What is auditing?

2) How is the auditing process done?

3) How effective is this process to a business?

4) Why is it important for auditing to be carried out in a business?

5) Why does the government legislate auditing in a business?

Date| Activities| Comments|
September 9, 2011| Wrote title, aims and
functions| Was a bit challenging and
and fairly easy|
September 12, 2011| Wrote the letter| Was challenging but was covered in a short time|
September 16, 2011| Started to write
the 5 main interview
questions| Found this challenging
because I had to change them
September 19, 2011| Started writing
interview questions| Was fairly easy|
November 4, 2011| Wrote methodology| Was easy|
November 7, 2011| Printed letter| Was done in a quick time has I had quick...

Bibliography: September 9, 2011 | Wrote title, aims and
functions | Was a bit challenging and
and fairly easy |
September 12, 2011 | Wrote the letter | Was challenging but was
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