One Day On A Hot Summer Day Two Friends Named Kendrick And Eddie Who Were The Best Of Friends Who Met In 4th Grade Were Hanging Out

Topics: Automobile, Walking, The Road Pages: 1 (721 words) Published: March 10, 2015

One day on a hot summer day two friends named kendrick and eddie who were the best of friends who met in 4th grade were hanging out. they were at eddies house where they were playing a awesome video game called nba 2k13 which they were rivals at always arguing who was the best and who had the best record till another one of there friends named rasheed called and said lets ride bikes. they waited for about a hour till rasheed showed up so kendrick and eddie went and grabbed everything they needed and put it in there backpacks and went on there way. they road all around a town in which they live in named riverhead. they road from eddie house to horten ave where they would always play basketball to a place called splash splash which was a famous water park on long island located in riverhead. they rode from damn near 10am to 1am the next day doing very illegal stuff. One thing these guys will never forget they road by this very nice house that this ladie owned living along with her two dogs, well these two dogs was laying outside next to the ladies as she did her garden and they waved as they rode by and everything was fine. kendrick, eddie and rasheed went to hang out with these very beautiful girls who went to school with them. They hung out at one of the girls house watching tv and doing what teens do which were not going to go into detail cause its to explicit. Anyways kendrick and rehashed were riding back from the girls house with smiles on there face till down the road kendricks tire on his bike popped so being the good friends rehashed and eddie are they walked along with kendrick as he had to walk his bike and to make it even worst they came across the same house with the ladies and her two dogs. The two dogs stood up and started barking as they walked more and more past he front of the house so as they passed the house the two dogs ran to the end of the yard. As the two dogs ran down the yard. kendrick, eddie, and rahsheeds heart started beating faster...
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