Online Reservation of Liturgical Services in Our Lady of Light Parish

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Chapter I


A church is a building or structure to facilitate worship and the meeting of its members, particularly in Christianity. As a Christian we must be aware to the rituals of being a catholic, likewise wedding and baptism is one of the rituals. Over the past few years, our lady of light parish church continues to evolve. The combination of technology and Catholic Church will be able to make a source of accessibility of the rituals. Traditionally being baptized and married is one of the most important moments of being a Christian. Some of the concern people might not be able to go to church for the registration of baptism or wedding because they have no time.

Online churches are Internet-based Christian communities, pursuing worship, proselytism and other ecclesial activities through digital media. This is based on three case studies of online churches: i-church, the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life, and Church Online. Seven key themes emerge from these case studies and are used here as a framework for comparative analysis: mass appeal, spiritual experience, and community, reliance on the familiar, local church attendance, internal control and external oversight.

Online transaction processing increasingly requires support for transactions that span a network and may include more than one company. For this reason, we will aim to develop online transaction processing software that allows transactions to the Catholic Church. A web-based system can make a faster and reliable process of service, so some people maybe preferred to use online processing.

“Online Reservation of Liturgical services in our lady of light parish” is an online process of liturgical services like baptism and wedding. As far as the Catholic Church is concern they are trying to prevent time problems for the reservation, so they will need a system that will help the parishioners in Catholic Church.

Background of the study

The proponents want to know the reasons of the different churches why they are still using manual reservations. The proponents will conduct a study towards the topic because they notice some of the church services are still using manual reservation. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how the computerized reservation will be substituted. Therefore, the proponents will deeply find how to describe the level of awareness of the Parishioners in our lady of light parish church using online reservation.

Online Reservation of Liturgical services of Our Lady of Light Parish Church is a processing system that will solve the problems encountered during the manual reservation. This system aims to simplify the manual reservation to have a faster, accurate, and reliable reservation process. Online Reservation of Liturgical services in Our Lady of Light Parish Church have features that will engage users or the Parishioners of the Church. The study will be focusing on the level of awareness of the parishioners using this proposed system.

Theoretical Framework
According to the book “When Worship Goes Online” from the article of Burkins titled: “A virtual church is born” The idea of a virtual church first began to take hold at Elmwood when leaders were casting about for ways to live stream church events. They considered all the traditional routes, such as But the traditional companies all had a major limitation: Churches are required to reserve specific time slots, and the slots most coveted – especially those on Sunday morning – are expensive to buy. In addition, he said, smaller churches often find it difficult to compete in those environments against some of the nation’s mega-churches. With three campuses – one in East Orange, one in Newark and one in West Orange – Elmwood needed more flexibility.

“We wanted to have control over when we would stream,” Burkins said. “So we went to a local...
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