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 “Rambos of the Road”
Martin Gottfried the author of “Rambos of the Road,” was born in 1933, in New York. He received his degree from Columbia University and then he ended up going to law school for a while. After he left there, he severe two years in the U.S. Army. “He has authored several books and a lot of magazines articles on a variety of topics.” Gottfried’ s essay is about how much things have changed over the years with the way that people drive now a days, shows also how much road rage there is. I will tell you how crazy this rage on the roads is, and how some people have actually started fighting, and hurting others for a parking space, being cut-off or driving to close while in an automobile.

I really don’t know why a person would get so mad at another driver to a point that would make him curse, drive upon a person and stick the middle finger up, or even just stare them down at a stop light. You know it is bad when a Gottfried says that a driver was glaring at him because he had passed him and had gotten in front of him. So, for that, he drove really fast and at the last minute got in front of him just before the next stoplight. “This was his way of expressing his indignation and to affirm his masculinity.” When it gets that bad that another person is following him, it is bad news. Gottfried was so scared that the guy was following him that he said “I turned off my own lights so I couldn’t be followed. It was lunacy.” When he had to turn you lights off on a dark road just because a car that doesn’t have light on is following him and the only reason he is following you is because you cut him off, what is the world coming too?

I thought that we were all taught to be safe drivers, not macho drivers, acting all bad and big just because we are in a car. Gottfried says, “People fight it out for parking spaces. They bully into line at the gas pump. A toll booth becomes a signal for elbowing fenders.” Since when would we want to hurt...
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