Organizational Behavior and Communication

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Organizational Behavior and Communication
December 23, 2013

Organizational Behavior and Communication
The culture of an organization can be defined by the combination of the organization’s espoused values and the employees’ perception of the organization’s philosophy, mission, vision, and work ethics. In other words, it is the shared perception that members of the organization have about the unique characteristics of their organization. I have researched and reviewed the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines Company (Southwest) with the purpose of describing the role of communication in the perception of their organizational culture and the possible effect in the event that misalignments exist between their espoused and enacted values. In “Crafting an Organizational Culture: Herb’s Hand at Southwest Airlines” (Quick, 1992), James Campbell Quick states that “culture begins with the values and beliefs that people hold”. And, although he argues that culture could not possibly be the only variable warranting the organization’s success, he agrees that there is indeed a sound connectivity between the organization’s culture and their chances to succeed. Southwest’s culture is built on core values of humor, altruism, and love; and a mission of dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit (Southwest Airlines Company, 2013). A culture that the company has stand by and live by since the first day and which has granted their continued success. Organizational culture does not just happen overnight. After over 20 years in business, Southwest shows unchanged core values and a dominant-strong culture. Values that employees share, understand, and live by. Their organizational culture, promotes a positive organizational climate where employees are happy; the company believes that the act of caring for people is a value that flows downward— from top...

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