Topics: SAP AG, Implementation, Business process reengineering Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: January 30, 2013
ERP Implementation Challenges for Rolls-Royce
Rolls Royce is a company that has been utilizing various different systems before implementing the ERP, those were mostly elaborated internally. These systems did not provide viable business solutions and did not help the company grow or develop due to their lack of capacity to adapt to the constant business changes, do to this the company decided to outsourced the IT department to a company called EDS this company was chosen for “were chosen because of their substantial experience within the aerospace industry.” Yasuf, Gunasekaran & Abthorpe, 2004 (page 6).The company also had consultants that specialize in SAP the new ERP the company would implement. For SAP implementation a project was devised where they identified 3 implementation problem areas cultural, business and technical difficulty. 1) Cultural problems

The problem they encountered when dealing with this area was that “some functions and processes might not get the full appreciation the legacy systems once had.” (Yasuf, Gunasekaran & Abthorpe, 2004, page 6). The solution they came up with was the communication of the improvement to the whole company all levels of the organization through a series of trainings to orient the employees in implementation an cultural changes that would occur with the new SAP- ERP, according to Yasuf, Gunasekaran & Abthorpe, (2004) “The original implementation plan was increased in an attempt to address training and cultural changes. Training took the form of organized seminars, which were split into two distinct groups of specialists and mass users. The specialist training was carried out and conducted by SAP and was technically based. These specialist experts then in turn trained expert users. The remaining training for end-users was conducted internally in collaboration with EDS consultants. “(Page 6) these trainings were supported by different types of materials like presentations, meetings and practical...
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