Paycom Marketing Plan

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The Obama administration’s proposal for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, which was released as part of its “Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World: A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation in the Global Digital Economy,” is intended to give users more control over how their personal information is used in commercial transactions (Klosek, 2012). This type of framework is geared toward technologies such as mobile apps. Mobile app technology is capable of cloning personal information from a mobile device such as ID numbers, email address, current location, texts messages, calendars and personal photos. Companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL have agreed to not track consumer browser use. These companies have been critized in the past for not doing what is required to protect the privacy of its consumers. They have been tracking their information without any consent or providing information to the consumer regarding how the data will be used. Now with the CPBR, consumers will now have the right to control what information is used, how it will be used and monitor the accuracy of the data collected. In order to use the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights for future litigation, seven general principles have been developed to use as a guide. “Individual Control: Consumers have a right to exercise control over what personal companies collect from them and how they use it (Kloesk, 2012).” Going forward, companies will have to present consent as well as choices to the consumer about the data that is being collected, whereas before, consumers have been unaware of what type of data was being collected and how it was being used. “Transparency: Consumers have a right to easily understandable and accessible information about privacy and security practices (Klosek, 2012).” There are many privacy risks in regards to mobile devices. With the CPBR, consumers with be informed about the most recent and relevant information regarding what personal data can be used. Mobile apps are an example where this information can be critical. “Respect for Context: Consumers have a right to expect that companies will collect, use, and disclose personal data in ways that are consistent with the context in which consumers provide the data (Klosek, 2012).” This generally translates into a deeper guide to increased disclosers to the consumer. In the case that information or data is collected from a consumer and used for anything else other than for the use of the company, the consumer will be notified before and given the opportunity for consent prior to the information being used. They will also be informed what the data will be used for in relation to what is being shared. “Security: Consumers have the right to secure and responsible handling of personal data (Klosek, 2012).’ In summary, any data collected will be encrypted and secured when being moved from the consumer’s device to the companies servers. “Access and Accuracy: Consumers have a right to access and correct personal data in usable formats, in a manner that is appropriate to the sensitivity of the data and the risk of adverse consequences to consumers if the data is inaccurate (Klosek, 2012).” This describes the consumer’s rights to ensure that the data being collected is accurate. If they information is incorrect, then they will have the right to correct anything in error. In order for the consumer to ensure accurate information, they will also be granted access to the data being collected. “Focused Collection: Consumers have a right to reasonable limits on the personal data that companies collect and retain (Klosek, 2012).” Companies cannot collect data from any devices, unless it is relevant to the need or purpose of the original use. Any information collected will be used for a specific goal that is to be accomplished relevant to the need for it to be collected. “Accountability: Consumers have a right to have personal data...
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