People Should Be Encouraged to Get Out of Their Cars

Topics: Automobile, Pollution, Bus Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: April 9, 2013
People should be encouraged to get out of their cars and find other ways to travel

Deep in the past, people often had to reach their destination on foot. Today, however, we can't imagine our life without a car and we use it almost everytime when we go somewhere, even for really short distances. This fact has its advantages, but there are also some negative aspects of using cars. First of all, cars are much more comfortable than public transport, because you don't have to wait at bus stops for overcrowded buses which are always late. Instead of that, you can sit into a car and take yourself anywhere in a short time. What is more, it's cheaper to pay for petrol rather than to buy train or bus tickets again and again (even more now when the fare has gone up). Unlike the publict transport when you are limited by the time of leaving, with a car you can go whenever you want. On the contrary, the using of cars has many bad consequences that people don't often realize. Cars produce a lot of harmful gases which pollute our environment. Besides this, the sound from each of the vehicles can make sound pollution. By using public transport rather than cars we could reduce traffic jams and pollution. Morover, the using of cars instead of walking or cycling affects our health and condition. To sum up, on the one hand, cars are very important and useful for us, either when we travel to work or on holiday, but on the other hand cars are main polluters of environment and can pose a great threat to future. In my view, cars have more positive sides and I wouldn't give up using the cars to save the environment.
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