Pest Analysis

Topics: Economics, Macroeconomics, Economic growth Pages: 10 (2632 words) Published: September 14, 2009
Learning Outcomes:
▪ Understand a variety of international environmental influences on Business. ▪ Analysis the impact of uncertainty on International Business Behaviour.

Objectives of the Assignment:
▪ To perform an environmental analysis of a country of your choice in comparison to another country ▪ To identify possible opportunities and threats
▪ To analyse how the environmental factors in terms of political-legal, social, economic and technological environment can affect the international operation functions and decision-making of business ▪ To be able to perform a costs-benefits-risk assessment ▪ To determine and evaluate a most appropriate market entry strategy

You are an executive working for a consulting firm called GLOBAL CONNECTION. Your firm specialises in doing international market research and providing professional advice on international business ventures to local small medium business entrepreneurs and large companies that wish to expand their operation overseas.

A group of small-medium business entrepreneurs from various industries in your country will be attending a seminar organised by your firm. You receive an assignment to prepare a presentation to these groups of entrepreneurs. You will be responsible in giving comprehensive information of the environment conditions of a foreign country (shown below) and how they affect the prospects and feasibility of international business endeavours. The purpose of your presentation is to create awareness of the possible benefits, costs and risks of entering into International Business venture so these entrepreneurs can make sound decision. At the end of the presentation, you need to give recommendations and/or a summary of what these entrepreneurs need to be aware of before choosing to enter into the country which you will be talking about.

Choose any ONE (1) of the following countries shown below, analyse their PEST and show how the environmental conditions of the country of your choice will affect international business venture. The target audience of this assignment is small-medium entrepreneurs. The country of your choice must not be the one that you originate from.

|China |Saudi Arab | |India |Iran | |Vietnam |Yemen | |Korea |Nigeria | |Indonesia |Tanzania | |Malaysia |South Africa | |Singapore | | |United Arab Emirates (UAE) | |

The length of the assignment should be 2,000 words. You are required to state the number of words (excluding the executive summary, content page, references and bibliography) used on the cover of the assignment. Diagrams, figures, references, bibliography and any appendices made in your report are not subjected to any word penalty. The standard University sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. The penalties will be as follows:

|2,001-2,250 |No penalty | |2,251-2,500 |10%...
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