Plan Implemation

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1. Discuss why each of the following components must be considered in plan implementation: Rehearsal: Without rehearsing you have a better chance of failiure. Rehearsal increases readiness, and identifies weaknesses. Rehearsing also clarifies roles and accountability. Testing out these protocols gives assurance and trust, while improving coordination and execution during real disasters. Maintenance: All staff involved should regularly review their responsibilities and partake in "trial and error" exercise every year. Though, is should be every quarter, to ensure the best quality. It is very influential the company to keep the employee list that is involved with the disaster recovery process modern and up-to-date. Changes occur regularly such as promotions, someone being let go, and resignation. All these changes must be noted in the recovery plan that way their roles can be delegated out to other employees. Without practice, an unexpected disaster can overwhelm employees and could leave the companies ability to do the plan at a high. This can cause loss of productivity and could potentially lose revenue as well. Benchmarking: Benchmarking allows companies to establish a strategy on how to improve or acclimate the best scenerios possible. Benchmarking is often accounted as a repeatative process in which companies constantly inquire to enhance their routines. Benchmarking should be considered in the planning process because it helps to provide a better vision when changes occur. You always want to improve and by doing so you are implementing the best plan for your organization and staff. This will help you succeed and come out on the other side. Assurance and Audit:

When reviewing the plan you should assess the plan's accuracy, relevance and effectiveness. It should also discover which part of the plan needs improvement. Continually appraising the plan is a nessescity to maintaining its accuracy. The appraisal can be done by an internal audit review or by an...
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