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The Slavic people where the first to settled in Poland in the 5th century. The Polans Duck Mieszko establish the Piast dynasty in 966, and converted Polans into Christianity. Bolesaw later became the duck of Poland and was an important figure in the Holy Roman Empire. Poland then created a new dynasty when Lithuania’s Grand Duck Jogaila and the Polish princess Jadwiga got married, causing Lithuanians to fold into Christianity. Poland later then entered constitutional monarchy, which caused many political battles causing Poland to enter a territorial concession. Later in 1793 Poland entered the War of Poland Succession. Poland weakened causing forced partitions. Polish nationalism endured by the 1870s. During a mini war between Poland and the Soviet Union, Poland was introduced to ethnic diversions between the existing class. In 1939 the Nazis became a threat to Poland, later causing millions of Polish dead, mostly Jewish. Throughout the years Poland’s economy has modernized and in 1999 Poland was admitted into the European Union.

Poland for many years had a majority of Roman Catholics. Later during the years, Poland had entered a communist government causing the fall of the Catholic religion. It wasn’t till 1978 when John Paul II was chosen to be pope, causing the Catholic religion to boost up again in Poland. There were also non Christianity believers. These where the Eastern Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Ukrainian Catholic Church, The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, and The Old Catholic Churches. Many of Poland’s religious denominations where ran by Polish Ecumenical Council, which was founded in 1946 extended to the 1970s. There is also a small group of Protestants, Muslims, Jewish, and other small Far Eastern Europe religions. Today the Catholic faith overruns Poland.

Polish diets consist mainly on meat and grains, pork is there favorite meat. From pork ham to different kinds of sausages boiled in beer and added to stew....
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