Pressure in Gases Experiment

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Pressure In Gases Experiment
Hypothesis: Using the recommended tire pressure will provide better gasoline mileage. When the tire pressure is lower than the recommended value, the surface contact area between the tire and the road is greater. This will cause greater friction and more energy is required to move the car. As a result, more gasoline will be consumed. When the air pressure of a car’s tire is higher than the recommended value, the contact area between the tire and the road is reduced. It may improve the mileage but the safe-handling of the vehicle is reduced. A higher tire pressure also increases the risk of the tire exploding. Gas mileage refers to the number of miles a vehicle can travel on a gallon of gas. The gas mileage of a car can be affected by several factors such as the driver’s driving habits and tire pressure. Aggressive and high speed driving will normally result in a higher consumption of gasoline. The tire pressure of a car can also have a significant effect on the distance a car can travel on a gallon of gas. Inflating tires to the recommended air pressure is said to be able to improve a car’s gasoline mileage by about 3%.

Observation: It is observed that the cars were able to travel about 2% to 4% further when the tire pressures were set at the recommended value compared to when the tires were set at 80% of the recommended value. Tire pressure Distance travelled (miles)

Hyundai Nissan
100% pressure 139.1 146.1
80% pressure 134.1 141.2

Conclusion: The hypothesis that inflating the tires on your car to the recommended tire pressure will provide a higher gasoline mileage is proven to be correct.

Increasing fuel prices has prompted drivers to identify more ways to improve the gas mileage of their cars. Many articles and websites provide recommendations and suggestions on how to reduce gasoline consumption. One of the more popular...
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