Process of Getting Your License

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The Steps to Obtain Your Driver’s License
Getting a driver’s license is one of the biggest things in a young adult’s time as a teenager. Some young adults can wait until they are eighteen years of age to get it, but it is possible to get at the age of sixteen. Not only do more responsibilities come along, but a teenager is also acting like a more mature adult. It is a great achievement, but to get your driver’s license, you have to go through a big process.

To get your driver’s license at age sixteen, it takes a lot of work, time and effort. Before you get close to even getting your driver’s license, you got to take it from step one and go through the process called driver’s education. Teenagers getting their driver’s license under the age of eighteen, have to do this process because they have to get a permit or a “provisional” You have to be at least fifteen years of age to start this process. Then it begins by taking the course, which introduces the basics of driving.

At driver’s education you do work based on driving, get introduced to the terms of the road, signs of the road and highway, and the laws. After getting introduced to all of that, you begin to learn. You take tests, do the work and learn from the rules of the road book that the instructor provided you with. You begin to memorize everything that you’ve learned and prepare for the writing part of the driving test.

You are now ready to take the writing part of the exam in driver’s education, so that you don’t have to take it when you go to the department of motor vehicles to get your driver’s license. The test is twenty questions long. It includes questions about driving, rules of the road and the signs of the road. You can only get a certain number of questions and signs wrong, otherwise you are not able to move onto the next step of the process which is getting your permit.

After you pass the test, you get your permit. Once you get your permit, you can begin range. Range is another...
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