Project Name: Woody 2000. Background: Expansion and Modernisation of Woody’s Manufacturing Business with Growth Based on Computer Controlled Automation, and Renovation of the President’s and Executive Vice President’s

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Woody 2000 Project Comparative Analysis

The following Table is a comparative analysis of the original project management processes to the new proposed Project Management Plan.

Preconstruction Phase

|The financial Performa and cash flow was not prepared as a tool to be |A concise and detailed Performa will be completed and the cash flow | |used during the entire duration of the project. The accounting was |will be an intricate part of the construction process. A separate | |performed with the operational bookkeeping and not as a separate |chart of accounts will be maintained in order to track expenses on a | |accounting system. |real time basis. | |An inexperienced owners representative was selected who was not aware |We would recommend an experienced owners representative be selected who| |of the project management processes to be followed. There was not a |is familiar with construction practices. We are proposing the Adaptive| |defined PMLC model designated for the project. |Project Framework of the Adaptive PMLC model. | |There was not a defined design development process that included |We propose to complete a concise design development process that | |strategic planning sessions. The project programming was done in an |includes a system for documenting needs using strategic planning and | |unorganized fashion. |departmental focus groups. | |The contractor was selected without undergoing a competitive bidding |We propose a complete contractor selection process that is with | |process. The contract was cost plus with an open end with no defined |prequalified competitive bids. The contract would be based on a cost | |completion dates....
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