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Pastor John Luth Christian Reformed Church 12 Gate Ave, St. Albert, AB T8N 5W1

MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to support and facilitate the development of a community garden for residents of St. Albert. We will encourage youth and seniors from a variety of backgrounds to work together and learn new techniques to achieve a healthy sustainable community garden. In addition the garden will promote self reliance, physical activity, social interaction and contribute to the health and well being of the community.

PROJECT SUMMARY The goal of this project is to assemble a team of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who will in turn create a successful community garden that is fun and rewarding for everyone. A Garden Coordinator should oversee the project and answer to the Garden Committee which will be comprised of volunteers. It is envisaged this garden will serve youths, seniors and special populations and a combination of vegetables and flowers will be grown. Local businesses will be approached for contributions of tools, seeds and fencing. Other provisions will be provided through fees charged to members. A portion of the produce grown will be donated to the Food Bank in St. Albert.

Each individual plot will be 5’ x 20’ which is a good size for “new- to- gardening” folks or for gardeners with limited time. Paths will be well defined and there will be a minimum of 30’ between gardener’s plots to allow for wheelbarrows. A composter will be kept onsite to reduce waste and improve soil quality in the garden. Signs will inform neighbours and the community about what the project is about, who the garden is for and will acknowledge sponsors.

Early stages of development are important to engage the community, to ensure people to get to know each other and to develop a sense of belonging. Gardening is a socially empowering experience and it is important to include all individuals from the community regardless of ability and background.

OBJECTIVES 1. Teach the youth how to grow and tend to their plots 2. Encourage inter generational mentoring 3. Encourage self reliance by growing fresh fruit and vegetables 4. Promote vibrant communities 5. Provide food for the food bank 6. Be an inspiration for a healthier community

MAINTENANCE PLAN Scheduling January • Garden Leaders planning meeting • Community presentations February • Committees meet formally • Plan education component for the year • Order seeds • Follow-up on sponsorship letters • Financial review and proposal writing March • Garden Coordinator ‘on board’ • Educational workshops begin • Site plan finalized April • • • • • • •

Soil test Spring cleanup Stake out garden site Meet the gardeners meeting Contract By-laws Set meeting dates

May • • • • June • • • •

Planting in full swing Monthly newsletter Thank the sponsors Group planting social event

Maintenance Mulching and staking Education continues Warm season planting

July-August • Maintenance • Harvest • Garden summer party – tour September • Fall planting • Harvest • Harvest party and wind-up October • Clean up • Repairs October – December Season ending and for next year: • Final reports • Community presentations • Next year’s committee appointed and possible first meeting

First Aid Kit Compost: Well rotted manure Leaves Grass clippings Farmers spoiled hay and straw Kitchen vegetable scraps Pathways: Woodchips Newsprint Compost Bin Materials: Scrap wood – old pallets Stucco wire Flat Boxes: Scrap wood 1” x 3” Potting soil Trellis Material: Scrap metal pipes for posts PVC pipe or old snow fence Chicken wire Tomato cages Bean poles (10’) Water: 5 gallon buckets Garden hose Water barrels Stakes to label planted plots Black permanent indelible pen Wheelbarrow Tool Shed Floating Row Covers Tools – High Quality: Spades (flat squared blade) D handle Garden fork D handle Garden rake Hand trowel & hand cultivator...
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