Protestant Reformation

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When we talk about Protestant Reformation, what usually comes to our mind is a movement that brought about negative effects not just in Europe but also in the whole Catholic Church, which are still being felt and experienced even today. Although it may be true that the Protestant Reformation had been one of the causes of the gradual decline of the Catholic Church during the 16th century, it also brought about numerous contributions in the development not just of the Catholic Church but the whole Christian Civilization as well. It was through the establishment of these Protestant Churches that the Catholic Church started taking a second look and examining well what was happening to the Catholic faith. It began to see the flaws and shortcomings of its Church and started to fix and find solutions to the growing conflicts and problems within and outside the Catholic Church and its people. One very important lesson that Christian Civilization could learn from the events of the Protestant Reformation is that to never resolve to violence in trying to settle disputes and differences among people and to never allow ourselves to be influenced by wrong motives (more for our own selfish interests) in our pursuit for the "greater good". Even up to the present times, we can consider the Protestant Reformation a great contribution and influence in the formation of what we know now as Christian Civilization.

As we try to look back to the events of the Protestant Reformation, we would see how bloody and violent things had turned out to be among the different groups and how ineffective and worthless were the wars that aggravated the disputes between the Catholics and Christians. The Reformation in France was a bloodier business than in either England or Germany, for the question of reform became entangled with the political fortunes of the crown and of certain noble families. While reform proceeded relatively...
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