Psy 400 Week 4

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: August 28, 2012
My Experience Attending a Catholic Church
PSY 400
April 30, 2012

New experiences open ones eyes to different ideals other than their own. Developing an open mind is important, when living in the United States, especially living in South Florida. South Florida is inhabited by a various amounts of cultures. There is an abundant Spanish influence in South Florida, due to the rise of Cuban immigrants in the 1980’s. There has also been a recent rise in Haitian immigrants since the major earthquake in 2010. Becoming knowledgeable about others cultures and traditions are important as well. Groupthink plays a significant role in the way a person may see, or perceive others. If my mother told me continually that Catholic people dislike people who follow the religion of Islam, it would leave me with a preconceived notion that Catholic people do not like my family or me. In this paper, I will discuss my experience as a Muslim woman, attending a Catholic mass.

I was born to parents of different religions. My mother is Muslim and my father is Presbyterian. When I was younger I attended the Mosque with my mother. I did not attend any other form of church. When I was thirteen I chose to receive an Akika, which is equivalent to a Catholic baptism. The thought of attending a church of another religion never crossed my mind. I was always afraid that I would not be welcome in their church. I did not believe I was welcome in my own Mosque. When I was twelve I had an awful experience with an Imam, an Imam is the leader of the Mosque. My aunt had an Imam come to her house to say prayers for our family. Because I was not at home, I did not have anything to wear. I had to borrow a dress from my cousin. I tried my hardest to cover my body. The dress I was wearing had a slit in it that went from my foot to my knee. When the Imam saw this he scolded me in front of my family. Due to this event, I did not feel welcome in my own church. For this paper, I decided to attend my...
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