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Topics: Macroeconomics, Economics, Inflation Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Extract B (lines5-7) states: ‘this plan, laid out by the coalition government, implies the longest and deepest sustained periods of cuts to public spending since the Second World War’ Using the data and your economics knowledge, assess the likely impact of substantial cuts in public expenditure on the performance of the UK economy

The UK economy can be judged by a number of key indicators mainly sustainable economic growth, low inflation (target 2%), a surplus on the balance of payments and low unemployment. In this question I will explain the effect of cuts in public expenditure by the government on the performance of the UK economy. Firstly if the government reduced its spending on public expenditure it will affect the economy in the short run as government spending is a component of aggregate demand (AD) this is shown by the diagram below [Diagram showing AD going down]

As you can see AD has reduced due to the lack of government spending This could cause unemployment to increase as with lack of demand in the economy firms require fewer workers, this would be an increase in cyclical unemployment. As unemployment has increased this mean consumers will have less disposable income and therefore will spend less on credit and save more thus causing AD to go down. This situation could cause a downward multiplier effect which could have an even more negative effect on the economy as lack of demand could cause investment to go down in the future. This would have a very negative long term effect as lack of investment now could cause the productive capacity of the economy to decrease [diagram showing AS going down]

As you can see from the above diagram lack of investment has caused AS to decrease in the long run This could worsen the UK’s trade balance as goods become less price competitive as P1 goes to P2 Inflation has also increased in the long term as the economy can no longer produce enough to keep up with demand However a reduction in government expenditure...
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