Public Transport

Topics: Automobile, Bus, Vehicle Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: April 2, 2012
These days,more and more people are using their own cars to commute. The high levels ofpollution found in the air may have something to do with the increasing numberof vehicles in our cities. When faced with taking private cars or publictransport people react in different ways. I will discuss for and againstarguments about using either private cars or public transport in this essay. Some peopleprefer use private cars to public transport for several reasons. First, theythink that private cars are faster than public transport since you don’t haveto spend your priceless time waiting for the bus under a bus-shelter crammedwith people. Second, you can go from work to home directly without stoppingtime and time again picking people up. On the other hand, there are people whodon’t like to share room with unknown persons and they don’t like standing upduring the trip. Take buses as examples. In rush hours, it is very difficult tofind any seat left and eventually you end up grasping a hand bar and trying tokeep your balance to not be flung whenthe bus brakes. There areother people who prefer public transport to private cars. In my view, publictransport is cheaper than using our own cars. Ask people who use private carson a regular basis how much money they spend on their cars every month. Not tomention the price of the parking and fuel or the expense produced when you takeyour car to the garage to have it repaired. Unlike private cars, public transport has got reserved lanes inmany cities so long delays due to traffic congestion can be avoided using a busor a taxi. In these cities public transport makes for faster than private cars. As for as environment is concerned theuse of public transport instead of private cars makes a difference. Forinstance, if the people who use a bus used their own vehicles instead of, itwould be the equivalent to 60 cars producing fumes. Inconclusion, using private cars is expensive and produces more pollution onatmosphere than public...
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