Public Transport Vs Private Car

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Public Transportation vs Private car
Today, there are various types of transportation. However, the most common of them are buses and private cars. Everyday, people decide whether they will take their private cars or a public transportation. Whatever the decision, it depends on where people live or where they are going. On the other hand, making the decision of which kind of transportation we will take depends on the social life of each one of them. Because sometimes a lot of people do not have a car, they have to take public transportation. Some things that we should see between these two kinds of transportation are cost, time, and comfort. In this essay we are going to see these contrasts between public transportation and private cars. First, the cost of these two types of transportation is very different. On the one hand, public transportation is very cheap. A bus ticket or train is very cheap because it is a way the government encourages people to use public transportation and not their cars, and so it, decreases vehicular congestion. For this reason, some of the public transportation, more commonly used, are buses and trains. On the other hand, a private car is a very expensive type of transport because it must have a strict maintenance such, as gas, parts, oil, and a mechanical upkeep. All this leads to excessive monetary expenditure. In this aspect of cost, public transportation is more convenient.

Second, time used in these two types of transportation is dependent on the location. Sometimes, public transportation is not sufficient for a population, and it brings problems of scarcity in the public service. When it scarcity of public transportation exist, it is a big problem for the users of this kind of transportation because people can lose a lot of time waiting for public transportation. In contrast, people who have private cars are more relaxed because they do not have to wait...
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