Purchasing New Cars is Not the Best Way to Help the Environment

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Purchasing New Cars not Best Way to Help Environment

More and more families have their own car. As a result, the air in cities is increasingly polluted. Owners should be made to switch to less polluting vehicles. To what extent do you agree?

With the economic growth of the society, more and more families are able to own automobiles of their own. As a result, thus caused very serious environment problems, the air pollution within the metropolis area is getting worse day by day. Residents’ daily lives are affected by the pollution, and basic life requirement such as breath fresh air becomes unreachable. Even worse that the future living condition of our children is seriously threatened. We must call up the conscience of our drivers and shanghai government to take actions to protect the environment, and keep the pollution as low as we can. This essay will look at the advantage and disadvantage of the government making car owners buy rehire which produce less pollution.

The advantage of the government making car owners buy new cars replacing old smoke maker will benefit the improving of the environment, also in the same time stimulate the development of the automobile industry, and meanwhile benefit the economic growth. Also the development of the automobile industry will offer an opportunity of social reemployment. On the other hand, this policy can also change people’s perspective of living and consideration of the environmental problems. Make people more concern about the conservation of the environment, and evoke their conscience to protect the environment. By thus we can reduce the pollution, and make better environment. So changing new cars will also make the city looks flourishing, reduce the exhaust emission, and make people healthier.

However, every coin has two sides, the biggest disadvantage of buying new cars is it creates more disposals of the old vehicles, which will become a huge burden of society. How do we deal with these new...
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