purpose of art

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Western Europe, Catholic Church Pages: 4 (1038 words) Published: October 6, 2014

Thought Paper #1

“ The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance”(Aristotle). One of the main purposes of art is to help express our emotions, which was portrayed throughout the music, paintings, and literature of Western European culture. One man who was able to show our emotions through art, was Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was ultimately known as the “Renaissance man”. Not only was he a scientist, but also a painter, and a sculptor. To practice, Leonardo went to early medical schools to see autopsies that could help him with his human sculptures. He wanted to show humans how the inside of the body looks like and by showing the mans’ soul, he was trying to portray emotion. The essential meaning of the Renaissance is conveyed through its art, mostly its sculptures, paintings, and architecture. All three of these art forms reflect a style that stressed proportion, balance, and harmony. Renaissance art reflects the values of Renaissance humanism: a return to classical models in architecture, to the rendering of the nude figure, and to a heroic vision of human beings. All types of arts including the ones mentioned above will grow and prosper thanks to the royal courts, the Catholic Church, and the rich. One of the most important issues through out the Western European culture was keeping the Catholic faith, and much of the Medieval art served a religious function. The Catholic Church has been a major source of services including; schooling, medical care, art, religion, and politics. For many years, the Church has promoted the teachings of Jesus within the Western World and even today the same teachings of Jesus still exist. Jesus was such an inspiration that there were many paintings of Jesus himself displayed throughout churches. Many Catholic artists produced masterpieces of Western art and they were often inspired by Biblical themes. An example of this art is...
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