Queen Elizebeth Dbq

Topics: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, English-language films, Catholic Church Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Dillon Travis
A.P. Euro.
During Elizabeth the firsts rule, many people did not believe that a woman could be a strong and effective ruler without the guidance and authority that a male ruler would be able to possess. While many people spoke out against her rule, some people believed that it was inspiring for a woman to hold power over land and believed in equality.

There were many people who did not believe Queen Elizabeth would make a good ruler. Many people, including John Knox and Nicholas Heath (doc. 1 and 2) said that God did not believe women should be in power and only men should. Edward Rishton, a Roman Catholic priest, says that Elizabeth gets more recognition then the Virgin Mary and she takes away from the teachings of God(doc 7).The Bishops of the Church of England said that woman should follow what their husbands say (doc. 5). Elizabeth let the Church publish Document Five because she planned to never get married.

The people who followed Queen Elizabeth said that it was the duty of the people to follow the Queen because England is a monarchy (doc. 3 and 4). The French ambassador of England reports the parliament wants to find Queen Elizabeth a successor while she was still alive (doc. 6). William Tooker Says that the queen is a strong believer in god and would never do anything to take away from the belief in God (doc. 9). Queen Elizabeth speaks to Parliament and tells them that she will not get married and it is their job to advise her, not degrade her and fight her every step of the way (doc. 11).

Queen Elizabeth was a great ruler but had to deal with sexist stereotypes that believed women should follow their husbands and should not have any power. They believed men were chosen by god to rule the world. The people who fought for the queen said that the queen would never take attention from God and that it was the duty of the people to follow the ruler, and the ruler was Queen Elizabeth.
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