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Question 1

Motor vehicles in Malaysia are increasing rapidly nowadays. Almost every household have at least 2 cars and a motorcycle. It shows that Malaysians lifestyle also increasing. But from 1980 till 2010, the statistics of motor vehicle theft are increasing. Statistics shows that it increased year by year.

The graph shows that from year 1980 till year 1995, the number of cases is still maintained. But, starting from that year till 2010 increased rapidly. The green line that indicates all vehicles was below 20,000 cases in the old days. Starting from year 2000 it increased from 40,000 cases to 160,000 cases in year 2010. The blue line that indicates motorcycle theft also below 20,000 cases in the 80’s and the 90’s. From year 2000, it increased up to 140,000 cases of motorcycle theft. Look at the black line, the private cars theft is not so big at all. It only rises up until the year 2000 and still below 20,000 cases. A private car is stolen every 24 minutes in Malaysia and that the chance of recovery is a mere 10% on average. Furthermore, 55% of car theft in Malaysia is by hot-wiring (that is, the thieves break into your car and somehow drive off your car without requiring your car keys). Carjacking (hijacking cars) is the next most common manner at 30% by which your car is stolen. Your car can also be the “lucky bonus” when your house, for example, is broken in by thieves, and they find your car keys. Taking advantage of their lucky find, the thieves take off with your car, perhaps even using your car to help to carry out your home possessions. This last manner by which your car is stolen forms 15% of car theft in Malaysia. Car theft crime rate rises about 6% every year in Malaysia, and local cars, Proton and Perodua, continue to be the two most stolen cars in Malaysia. This is followed by Toyota (especially the Hilux model) and Honda (especially the Civic model) cars. There are many ways to prevent motor vehicle theft in Malaysia. First is window etching. This is where our car license plate number is etched onto a car window. The more windows that have this etching, the better the prevention are. This is because if your car is to be re-sold, the thief would have to replace all the windows that have the etched identity numbers. This is an additional cost that may deter a thief.  Second is car security window tint. Car windows are the weakest link in the car security system because they can be easily smashed. To make it more difficult to smash and break the windows, car security window tint ought to be installed. The security tint come in various thickness and the thicker the tint, the stronger the protection the tint gives to the glass. Security tint 4 mil is usually installed for cars. You can opt for a thicker tint for higher protection. However, tints thicker than 8 mil for cars are rarely needed. Car security window tints are particularly resistant against blunt blows such as someone using a motorcycle helmet, baseball bat, or rock to smash the window. But these tints are instead vulnerable to blows from sharp objects such as from a screwdriver, ice pick, or any strong and sharp objects. Witnesses have reported car thieves have successfully smashed a car window fitted with security tint by using only the sharp point of an object. The thieves only took only a few seconds to compromise the security tint. Third is hidden ignition switch. This is a very cheap and yet effective way to deter car theft. A switch is fitted to the car ignition and the switch hidden somewhere in the car. To start your car, you need both car key and to turn on the hidden switch. Without the two, the car won’t start. Some creativity is needed to hide the switch or even fool the thief. The switch can be hidden under the dashboard or in some crevice in the car. Some people have made dummy switches or even requiring toggling on two switches (instead of one) before the car can be started. Number four is the steering wheel lock. This kind of...
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