Religious Education Commission

Topics: Second Vatican Council, Education, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: May 26, 2013
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COMMISSION The Religious Education program of a Catholic school is the core of its curriculum. Needless to say, it determines the direction of the faith formation of the students. It also manifests the commitment of the school community to be an active promoter of Christian Values. The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines which decides on the membership application of an institution based on its catholicity seriously considers the Christian Living program of the institution. Thus, it is pivotal to develop and evaluate the Religious Education curriculum of CEAP members based on a standard that revolves around the foundations of the Catholic Faith. The schools are the partners of parents in this role of providing a healthy and vibrant catholic environment to the young. The Second Vatican Council through the Declaration Gravissimum Educationis has provided a framework for the Congregation for Catholic Education to issue a circular to all presidents of Bishops’ conferences on Religious Education in schools. This circular asserts that “Among all educational instruments the school has a special importance” (GE 5), as it is “the principal assistance to parents in fulfilling the function of education” (c. 796 §1 CIC), particularly in order to favour the transmission of culture and education for co-existence. In this educational setting – and in conformity with international legislation and human rights – “the right of parents to choose an education in conformity with their religious faith must be absolutely guaranteed” (FC 40). Catholic parents “are to entrust their children to those schools which provide a Catholic education” (c. 798 CIC) and, when this is not possible, they must provide for their Catholic education in other ways (cf. Ibidem) The Religious Education Commission of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines under the leadership of Fr. Fr. Ely Rafael D. Fuentes, Ph. D. who is also the Regional Director for...
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