Request for Proposal Computer Assisted Coding

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Request for Proposal
Computer Assisted Coding

HIM 4411Section 700
HIS Strategies and Application
March 8, 2013

Due to the growing inpatient/outpatient requirements, as well as the impending update to the ICD-10 codes; the spearfish regional hospital is in dire need of a new Computer assisted coding system (CACS) with ICD-10 code language. This technologies will assist the coding department with their day to day processes, as well as allow the hospital to continue with its growth to meet the higher demands of our growing community. Included in this report will be a detailed report of the technologies being requested, as well as information on these vendors 3M, Nuance, and Optum who can supply these technologies. Also included will be a list of performance indicators used to score the vendors and there products.

The Computer Assisted Coding System (CACS) is a software that we already use in the spearfish regional Hospital, however for those unfamiliar with the system I will give a brief description. A CACS is a software that can be used to convert specific phrases within health care documents into the appropriate medical codes. Not only can it determine the codes biased on the key words but whether they are relevant to a coding requirement. I.E. whether a patient has diabetes or a family history of diabetes. The ICD-10 code language is a requirement of the new CACS software because AHIMA requirements the update effective October 1, 2014.

3M refer to themselves as a global Innovation Company. They have five major departments that they specialize in consumer, electronics and energies, health care, industry, and safety and graphics. As a whole the company dates back to 1902, however they have only had there foot in the medical field since the 1980’s. They have a global sales of $30 billion last year reinvesting 1.5 billion of that to research and development. They have three CACS programs available for implementation with a...

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