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We all have to take responsibility

Personal responsibility is taking accountability for your actions and facing the consequences for those actions. Even though it is not required to succeed in life, personal responsibility is something that one needs to be a truthful and responsible person. “Responsibility is the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human being” . Taking personal responsibility is the difference between adulthood and childhood. This is what ultimately shows maturity. Personal responsibility leads to college success, better employment, and a greater satisfaction with life.

If a person takes personal responsibility in college, they will have better success with their higher education goals. Personal responsibility directly leads to college success because they will need to show up to class religiously to get good grades. They also need to do their own homework to learn more effectively, to also do better in college. He or she needs to be dedicated enough to study at least two hours per credit hour to ensure their success in college, and all of this takes personal responsibility.

Better employment opportunities also come from personal responsibility. Personal responsibility directly leads to success, achievement, motivation, happiness, and self-actualization in the workplace. Personal responsibility in the workforce is based on the principle that employees have high moral values. One should take credit for your their work, not someone else’s hard work and sacrifices. Most important, employees who want better opportunities at work should never fall asleep while at work!

If someone wants to have greater satisfaction with their lives, they should have personal responsibility for themselves. People are responsible for their own health and wellness. If they are sick, they also caused that to happen as well, in some shape or form . He or she should know that they have done the best that they could if they are personally...
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