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Topics: Protestant Reformation, Protestantism, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: February 15, 2014
The Reformation
Henry VII
It all started in 1517 when a German monk named Martin Luther decided to write a document called the ‘Ninety- five Theses’ and nailed it on the door of his local church. Martin Luther thought the Catholic Church had too much power and was dishonest, so he set up his own protestant church called the Lutheran church. Luther had more and more ideas and the reformation had began. Henry VIII left the Catholic Church in Rome because he wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon making him in charge of the church in England, he also closed down the monasteries to get their money. This caused a rebellion called the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536. Through all of this Henry stayed Catholic. Edward VI

Edward VI was very much influenced by his tutors and mostly everyone around him since they were all Protestant so he grew up being one. Since he was too young to become king when his father died England was being run by ‘protectors’. England then became a Protestant country as law was passed with Edwards agreement although many were still Catholic. Many things were changed such as: The Latin Mass was no longer used, A Book of Common Prayer was introduced in 1549, Catholic bishops were imprisoned, Certain Catholic ceremonies and rituals were banned, The Forty- Two Articles were published, Chantries were destroyed and their money went to the crown, English became the official language of the church. In 1549 there was a rebellion called the Western Rebellion against the new prayer book and the new religion that started in Devon and Cornwall. The rebellion was defeated although 2,500 were killed in battles that followed. Edward soon died of tuberculosis. Mary I and Lady Jane Grey

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