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CHAPTER 15: IN GAY PARIS, 1889 – 90

After his trip to London, he moves to PARIS. Timely there is an International Exposition being held at Paris. Rizal’s roommates (a) Captain Justo Trinidad – former gobernadorcillo & a refugee from Spanish tyranny; (b) Jose Albert – young student from Manila.

In his spare hours, he used to dine at the house of the De Taveras: 1) DR.TRINIDAD PARDO DE TAVERA – physician by vocation and philologist by avocation.
2) DR.FELIX PARDO DE TAVERA – also a physician by vocation and an artist & sculptor by avocation.
3) PAZ PARDO DE TAVERA – wife of Juan Luna.
4) DON JOAQUIN PARDO DE TAVERA – an exleof 1872 who escape from Marianas & lived in France.

MR.EDWARD BOUSTED - was born in the Phil., the son of a rich French businessman of Singapore, and had married a daughter of prominent Genato family of Manila.

Two attractive daughters:
1. Nellie – a fencer
2. Adelina – quiet, dignified & refined

He carried his artistic hobbies and made two statues:

1. The Beggar

2. The Maid with a Baker – sent to Blumentrit together with an artistic wallet (PETACA) made of Philippine vine.

1. Kidlat Club
2. Los Indios Bravos (The Brave Filipinos)

Kidlat Club – special club form in order to organize Filipinos. In the French country Members: Antonio & Juan Luna, Lauro Dimagiba
Los Indios Bravos - This is a club of Filipino writers that are in Europe. The goal of this club is to write poems, stories and articles about the life of Filipinos on their country on the hand Spaniards. TWO SATIRICAL WORK OF RIZAL

1. La Vision de Fray - pictures a conversation between Saint Augustine and the Augustinian priest Friar Jose Rodriguez. The saint criticizes the priest on his beliefs and actions which oppose the priesthood. He also reveals the priest’s abusive actions performed using the Catholic Church’s name. Saint Augustine goes on to great...
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