romeo and Juliet

Topics: Catholic Church, Romeo and Juliet, Protestantism Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: December 10, 2013
In Romeo and Juliet, two noble families are at war: The Montague-Capulet feud is established in the very first scene when a fight breaks out between Montague’s and Capulet’s serving men.The “ancient grudge” between the two “households” has been going on for a long period of time. However we do know know why they are at war.

During the 1600s there was a lot of conflict between the Catholic church and the protestant church. Shakespeare uses the Montagues and the Capulets to portray this. The Montagues being the protestants and the Capulets being the Catholics. He wanted to show that it could only end in disaster. In addition, to that I think Shakespeare showed many times in his plays that he was very tolerant of religion, race, and even the equality of the sexes, and may have really wondered why there had to be a dominance of one over the other “Two households, both alike in dignity”, especially as they both represented Christianity.Moreover fate and superstition played a huge role in history, as science was not developed, and therefore explanations unexplored; hence people may have relied on fate to fill in the gaps.

The line, “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean,” This is significant as I believe it is also a direct reference to the “civil” wars of the past and present. This suggest that the blood of their countrymen, neighbors, friends, and even relatives were involved in the feud, also no one in the country is free from the impacts of it. The play has physical confrontation; people insulting the opposite household in order to provoke a fight, which is quickly joined by everyone.This may also be due to the lack of understanding people had from a long time ago and they were brought up to hate the other house hold. conflict was very important in shakespeare's time because of the hierarchy system. The significance of conflict in shakespeare's time was highly significant as it created tension between the people and it was a way of communication for...
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