Roof Garden in Bangladesh

Topics: Garden, Roof garden, Flower Pages: 12 (3401 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Status of species in the roof top garden in Dhaka city (Azimpur, Jigatola, Elephant road, Komolapur & Katabone area)

Table of Content
Chapter No.| Chapter Number| Page No.|
1.| Introduction| 1|
2.| Background| 2|
3.| Objective| 3|
3.1| Main Objective| 3|
3.2| Specific Objective| 3|
4.| Methodology| 4|
4.1| Type of study| 4|
4.2| Place of study| 4|
4.3| Period of time| 4|
4.4| Data Sources| 5|
4.5| Sampling| 5|
4.6| Preparation of questionnaire & field testing| 5| 4.7| Respondent selection| 5|
4.4| Data Sources| 5|
4.8| Data Collection| 6|
4.9| Data Analysis| 6|
4.10| Data Presentation| 6|
4.11| Reporting| 6|
4.12| Result Dissermination| 7|
5.| Result & Findings| 8- 12|
5.1| Production amount of vegetable| 8|
5.2| Production amount of fruit| 9|
5.3| Production situation of flower| 10|
5.4| Situation of the medicinal plant| 10|
5.5| Production situation of vegetable & flower (both)| 11| 5.6| Catalog of the species cultivate| 12|
5.7| Sources of seeds| 12|
5.8| Different purposes of roof gardening| 13|
5.9| Overcome the malicious problem| 13|
5.10| Income amount of the roof garden| 14|
6.| Discussion| 14|
7.| Conclusion & Recommendation| 15|
8.| References| 15|
| Some of the picture of different areas roof garden in Dhaka city| | | Appendixes(Survey questioner)| |
Figure No.| Title Name| Page No.|
1| Shows the production situation of the vegetable| 8|
2| Expressions the real production amount of the fruit| 9| 3| Displays the actual percentage amount of growing flower| 10| 4| Shows the actual situation on the vegetable & flower| 11| 5.| Expressions the sources of seeds| 12|

6.| Displays the purposes of the roof gardening| 13|
List of Figure

1. Introduction:
Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia, mainly it is a developing country. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and standard city of Dhaka Division. Population quickly growth in Dhaka but the plantation doesn’t properly. So the pollution increase and people suffer dangerous disease rapidly. Now agriculture lands decrease because people build house there. In this time occur unplanned urbanization, frequency of urban poverty and food insecurity has been also increasing in Dhaka city. Gardening is a good process to secure food and reduce pollution (carbon dioxide). But Dhaka city have not huge empty land for gardening. So people should plan to roof gardening. Roof gardening is a planting system of greater depth which needs maintenance such as watering, fertilizing and reduce weeding. People also plantation tree in the balcony, window boxes. Different persons choice is different some people do it for economically or hobby or reduce environment pollution. Who do for economically he think it is an active system to ensuring food supply and satisfying nutrition needs. Actually most of the people do it for getting enjoy, they actually not do any plan it. Every person choice is different –some person grow flower plant, some grow vegetable, some grow beautiful leaf plant and some grow medicine plant. This study has been showed to (i) present situation of roof gardening some area of the Dhaka city in Bangladesh, and (ii) also give an idea the effect biodiversity in roof gardening.

2. Background:
The literature review has been developed to deliberate the fundamental concepts and key authors associated with the subject matter. This includes ‘roof gardening’s of Dhaka city’ and ‘how it affect in the environment’ as these are directly representative of the academic discussion on the subject of roof gardening. As a literature review needs...
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