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Topics: Automobile, Marketing, Patent Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Case Study Autonomous Vehicle Maintenance and Repair System for Cars & Trucks

Description: The case in discussion provides an autonomous and remote vehicle maintenance and repair. The system patented employs an on-board diagnosis and prognosis module which monitors one or more vehicle buses to identify codes and other information indicating a vehicle problem. The on-board system causes the ICT or central monitoring unit in latest vehicles (e.g. iDrive in BMW connected to GPS for integrated use of telecommunications and informatics) system onboard the vehicle to identify and transmit the message to the remote repair center which would in turn work on the problem right away and send any software upgrade patch associated with the problem to upgrade and set right the car’s software related to the problem. Also, this technology can communicate with other vehicles that had and received solution to a similar grade of problem for faster identification and support to the issue.

Technology Commercialization: Commercial applications and product development based on this technology which is fairly new and very recently patented is to set up an product line which can be licensed to all the automobile companies manufacturing cars, bikes and trucks as well s major share of all high-end vehicles manufactured post 2012 are being equipped with intelligent car solutions and ICT systems which is opening up a whole new era of product lines for Intelligence Transport systems. Hence, we can market the product for various Manufacturers and also once we have an patent license from the original patent holders; scope for custom-fitting this technology into already existing and old make versions of the automobiles in the market at consumer-end can also be custom fitted with this product for smarter repair system. Marketing strategy would really be a lesser concern in this case as once there is a wave that sets up in the market about the positive outcomes for the product and better...
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