Seed Folks

Topics: Gender, Gardening, Cleveland Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Seed Folks

Two very different voices lye in Cleveland. Female, male, Korean, African American. Sae Young and Curtis are two very different people but when you compare them they have more in common than you would think.

First of all, meet Sae Young. Sae Young is a middle-aged woman who lives in Cleveland Ohio. she was born in Korea. she has five sisters and her husband died from a heart attack. She used to own a dry cleaning store and one day a man came in and pulled out a gun, pushed her down and broke her cheekbone. Ever since then she does not like people. She does not leave her apartment and neighbors have to go and get her food. Back in Korea she used to grow hot peppers. She meets sam and become friends with him. And then she finds the garden.

Secondly, we have Curtis. Curtis is a male young adult who also lives in Cleveland Ohio. He used to live in Cincinnati. He always likes to work out. He likes a girl named Lateesha. But she does not like him back because she thinks all he wants to do is work out. After he heard that he decided to stop working out. He started to plant tomatoes because he thinks Lateesha will like him more if she does. He made a deal with a boy to guard his garden overnight since he heard that people were stealing other peoples belongings. And he named the garden Lateesha's Garden.

Sae Young and Curtis also have some things in common. First of all they both want to start gardening in the community garden. They both live in Cleveland Heights. Both used to not live in Cleveland.

Sae Young and Curtis also have characteristics that are not the same. First and foremost they have different reason for planting a garden. Sae Young wants to start one because she used to in Korea. And Curtis wants to because he thinks it will make Lateesha like him more. Secondly, they have different backgrounds, Sae Young is Korean and Curtis is African American. And lastly, they are different genders.

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