Sms Based Grade Inquiry System

Topics: Software engineering, Software quality, Requirements analysis Pages: 3 (645 words) Published: April 11, 2013
* Software is working both explicitly and behind the scenes in virtually all aspects of our lives, including the critical systems that affect our health and well-being. * Good software engineering practices must ensure that software makes a positive contribution to how we lead our lives. * Software engineering is concerned with methods, tools, and techniques for developing and managing the process of creating and evolving software products. * It is essential that we understand the nature of the problem. * Any problem-solving technique must have two parts: analyzing the problem to determine its nature, and then synthesizing a solution based on our analysis. * Instead of investigating hardware design or proving theorems about how algorithms work, a software engineer focuses on the computer as a problem-solving tool. * methods or techniques – formal procedures for producing some result * tools – instruments or automated systems for accomplishing something in a better way * Procedures – are like recipe: combination of tools and techniques that, in concert, produce a particular product. * Bug – a mistake in interpreting a requirement, a syntax error in a piece of code, or the cause of a system crash. * Fault – occurs when a human makes a mistake, called an error, in performing some software activity. * Failure – is a departure from the system’s required behavior. It can be discovered before or after systems delivery, during testing, or during operation and maintenance. * paradigms – represents a particular approach or philosophy for building software * the transcendental view, where quality is something we can recognize but not define * the user view, where quality is fitness for purpose

* the manufacturing view, where quality is conformance to specification * the product view, where quality is tied to inherent product characteristics * the value-based view, where quality depends on the...
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