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Controversy Paper

Minimum wage is a controversial issue that some individual support and others would prefer to abandon. Minimum wage is an definite bottom pay employees can get that the law enforces. Minimum wage is worldwide and is typical in most of the world. Those who lack education or work in low-paid fields will make minimum wage. Minimum wage protects workers from their employers, lowest human living standards, and poverty. The subjects to discuss in this paper include four steps of supporting an argument, and six steps in refuting an argument regarding minimum wage.

President Obama plans to enact “The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013” around  2015. This will assist in reestablishing missing worth with reference to federal minimum wage. Moreover, the act will provide the individuals who collect bottom-pay with necessary funds, and at the same time, increase American people’s expenses in which fuel the economy.

President Obama also plans to alter the minimum wage to retain stride through raising price of living beginning in 2016 (“Raise the Minimum Wage,” 2013). Nonetheless, He plans to raise the minimum wage for tipped employees in which has been icing at a meager (“Raise the Minimum Wage,” 2013).

To structure the historic level regarding minimum wage, the “The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013” will assist in reinstating years of attrition. According to "Raise the Minimum Wage" (2013), “The federal minimum wage has lost more than 30% of its value and would be more than $10.59 per hour today if it had kept pace with the cost of living over the past forty years” (para. 2).

Consumer spending does account for much of the United States financial activity; however, is not enough because the money just is not there. According to "Raise the Minimum Wage" (2013), “Wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of national income since 1966, while corporate profits are now the largest share of national income since 1950” (para. 3)....

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