Topics: Monetary policy, Economics, Macroeconomics Pages: 5 (577 words) Published: December 5, 2012
PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
Course: Micro and Macro EconomicsClass: MBA
Guidelines for Project
Objective: This Project is aimed to enhance the research skills of students, accompanied with acquiring practical situation of economy. * Total marks of project are 20.
* Each student is required to work separately on prescribed topics. * These topics are not end, Student can also initiate any topic related to Economy of Pakistan, but approval from instructor is mandatory. * Length of project report is 15 to 20 pages.

* Necessary Tables and Graphs should represented
* References should be given.
* A copy past is allowed, but after completes understanding of text. * At last, recommendation from author is the valuable contribution from writer, which will be viewed as core of study and understanding. * Last date of submission of Project report is Sunday, 18 November 2012. * Presentations will be after 3rd Hourly Examination.

* Late submission will not be entertained.
* Suggested Topics and some Headlines for Body of Project Report are as under: 1. Debt Problem of Pakistan
* Introduction
* Sources of Debt: Internal, External
* Flow of Debt
* Trend s
* Debt Servicing problems
* Economic Implications
* Strategy by government in different periods
* Conclusion
* Recommendation
2. Health problem And Economic Development
* Condition of Health Care Facilities in Pakistan: Doctors, Hospitals, Specialists * Region wise
* Gender wise
* Trend
* Life expectancy with compare to other developing countries * Infant mortality
* Causes of Health Problem (Pollution)
* Health Policy by government
* Contribution from non governmental institutions
* Contribution by non profit organizations
* Conclusions
* Recommendation
3. Problem of Inflation in Pakistan
* Definition
* Causes
* Economic Implications
* Sources
* Pakistan’s Inflation as problem
* Sector wise inflation
* Polices of government
* Recommendations
4. International Trade of Pakistan
* Importance of International Trade for Economic well being * Pakistan Key Exports
* Pakistan’s Key Imports
* International markets of Pakistan
* Opportunities and Threats for Pakistan
* Trend Analysis of International Trade
* Balance of Trade Analysis
* Government Commercial polices in deferent era
* Current position
* Conclusion
* Recommendations
5. Monetary Policy of Pakistan
* Defined
* Tools
* Classifications
* Impact on Economy
* Pakistan’s in different eras
* Implications of monetary policy
* Current monetary policy and economy state
* Conclusion
* Recommendation
6. Incidence of Poverty in Pakistan
* Types
* Region wise poverty
* Sector wise poverty
* Measurements
* Trend of Poverty
* Government policies
* Performance of Non governmental Agencies
* Conclusion
* As an economist your recommendation
7. Power crises in Pakistan
* Power generation sources of Country
* Total Supply from different Sources
* Region wise Demand
* Economic Implications of Problem
* Steps by government
* Conclusions
* Recommendations
8. Problem of Illiteracy in Pakistan
* Illiteracy defined
* Classification
* Region wise illiteracy
* Consequences of Problem
* Causes of Problem
* Roots of Problems
* Work by Government
* Contribution by non-governmental private institutions
* Contribution by non-Profit organization
* Conclusion
* Recommendation by author.
9. Problem of Corruption and its economic Implication
* Corruption defined by law
* Causes of Corruption
* Main channels of Corruption
* Corruption History in Pakistan
* Sector wise corruption
* Economic Implications of Corruptions
* Laws and...
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