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Statement of Purpose

The day I got my new hot wheels car set is a day l will never forget all my life. We had just landed back in India from a long trip. I was all excited to open my new Hot Wheels car set! My cousin came over that day; he was also a huge fan of cars. We set up the whole track and played with it for hours together! Since then, I have never found anything that gives me that kind of a thrill. Being part of a family who are extreme car enthusiasts, it was hard not to join the club.

Growing up, I devoured every episode of ‘Top Gear’. The immense yearning to be behind the wheel was thus an obvious one. The first thing I learnt about cars was how gears worked. I was extremely fascinated by their working and hence spent hours taking them apart and learning simultaneously. Although other parts of the system intrigued me less, I was fascinated by them since they made the whole ensemble work.

Later on, I got hooked on to video games; especially racing games like ‘Need For Speed’. My father bought me the new PlayStation, which I loved to play. The changes that need to be made to the car before a race begins, taught me a lot about cars. That was when the ‘Top Gear’ magazine started to become more than just pictures of cool cars, and began to make more sense to me. I started learning about new cars and gained more knowledge about each of them as time went past. Every time I visited other countries with my family, whenever I got to see, hear and sometimes drive in the cars I’d read so much about, it was the best feeling ever! I still remember the day when an orange Lamborghini Spyder went past me when we were visiting London. The feel of the power and the sound of the beautiful V10 took my breath away! From then on, it has been my dream to work for one of the top automobile companies, and maybe own one of those cars.

I was introduced to the Maserati Quattroporte by my sister. It fascinated me and now is on the pedestal with the caption 'my dream...
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