St Zachary, Zachariah

Topics: Catholic Church, Pope, Christianity Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Saint Zachary, was born in Calabria, Italy. He is also known as Zacharias. He is of Greek ancestry. The son of Polichronius, who was a Benedictine monk from Greece, was also a cardinal and then a Pope. Saint Zachary followed Pope Gregory III. in 741. Saint Zachary loved the clergy and devoted himself to the people of Rome. In his time, there was fighting all over Italy. Pope Zachary kept making Peace and saving the people from the wars. When Saint Zachary learned that Lombards were going to attack Rome he met with the king, the attack was called off, and all land that had been seized over thirty years was returned as well as all prisoners were released to Saint Zachary. King Liutprand also signed a twenty, year treaty guaranting freedom to the romans from the Lombards. He negotiated peace between Lombards and the Greek empire. He restored many churches in and around Rome. When Slavers brought slaves to Rome, Saint Zachary bought and paid the merchants their price to give the slaves their liberty and so that the Christians would not become the property of heathens. The Pope always found time for his great deeds and charity. He took food off his own table and gave it to the poor and the pilgim’s. He looked after the poor and sick of the whole city. He built homes for the poor and travelers. Saint Zachary could not bear to see people suffer. Every year Saint Zachary would give a considerable amount of furnish oil for the lamps in Saint Peter’s Church. Saint Zachary was a gentle man even to his enemies. He would do favors for everyone whenever possible. He spoke such kind words that people and leaders often did what he asked. His leadership skills were considered paramount in keeping the Catholic Church in Rome and for strengthening the bonds that keep the Church a pious institution. The Feast days first arose from very early Christian customs of the annual commemoration of martys on the dates of their deaths at the same time celebrating their birth...
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