Striking the Right Tone When Writing Essays for Business Schools

Topics: Management, Writing, Education Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: April 11, 2013
When writing essays for business schools, it is important strike the right balance between humility and confidence and you delver answers to the admissions committee. One of the major concerns that business school applicants have when writing essays is how confident they need to appear. Most business schools are case study oriented meaning that the content that students contribute in the classroom determines the quality of education. For this reason, you should portray yourself as a person who can teach his/her classmates something new.

As you highlight your fascinating experiences and the knowledge you have, make sure that you also highlight what you want to learn from your professors and fellow students. The students who take the best advantage of business schools are those who have a high level of curiosity and the willingness to absorb a lot of new information. There are some things that you should do to strike the right tone in your business school essay.

The first thing is to position your achievements as team achievements. Your abilities as a business leader will be more dependent on your abilities to achieve when working as a team rather than when working as an individual. As you write about your leadership capabilities, do not forget to acknowledge people in your extracurricular, academic or work settings who helped you gain some of your skills as a leader. This also applies to hard skills like negotiation, finance, mentoring and communication. In this way, you will show the admissions committee that you are able to recognize the strengths in other people can learn from them.

As you write essays for business schools, you should also communicate the fact that you are a proactive person. You should also inform your audience the reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the program. Stress the qualities that make you unique. It is also important to write about real life experiences to support your thesis and to let your audience know what excites...
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