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Topics: Gardening, Sustainability, Community gardening Pages: 4 (1000 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Gardens of India (GOI)

GOI Project Proposal Plan (Fall, 2010)

Fighting Malnourishment in Maharashtra, India


1) Introduction
2) Goals and Objectives
3) Implementation Strategy
4) Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
5) Resource Requirements
6) Potential Funding Sources

I. Introduction


Gardens of India (GOI) is a non-profit organization designed to benefit less-industrialized countries (LICs) with the developmental support and guidance of more industrialized countries (MICs) such as the United States. The organization is based on the idea that by helping these poverty-stricken areas plant a garden and educate them about the skills required to maintain a healthy garden, it will provide the less industrialized country with a developmental response to the chronic issue of malnourishment and poverty. For this grant proposal, GOI is requesting financial support in order to help the ongoing issue of poverty in Maharashtra, India.

I.B. Program Justifications

India is the top country for malnourishment, at an appalling 214 million malnourished people. Although acute action is needed to act fast and provide relief efforts to the people of India, there is more so a chronic relief effort that needs to be implemented to provide a developmental program that creates sustainability within the country. These people need our support and education in order to help begin the process. They have pleaded for our help in the beginning steps of creating a community garden. This garden can provide nourishment to the people of this country as we implement many of them in different villages. They do not have the technology of tools or the different types of seeds that can provide fruits and vegetables. By helping them start the gardens, this can then provide the resources needed for future seasons in crop rotations.

II. Goals and...
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