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SWOT Analysis

We get you going car repair is a reputable repair shop located on the east side of sunset park. They are a new company offering a wide range of repair services in shop or on the go. WGYG will maintain a retail shop fully loaded with all repair parts, serving the sunset and the surrounding neighboring markets.

Here are some of the key main strengths of WGYG:

1 Superior customer service: No matter what the problem or location WGYG guarantees superior quality work and customer service. Backed by their outstanding qualified and trained technicians, and up to date equipment they get the job done fast and with excellent results. 2. Brand Loyalty – WGYG is greatly dependent on its brand reputation which is a critical factor in sales. Due to its unique products, it has come out to be seen as one of the most environmentally friendly retailers. 3. CHARITY: WYGYG is an active entity within the community. Providing finiancial help aid towards local fundraisers and donating towards school athletic programs.


1. Limited budget: The company has very little funds left for marketing after the rest of the companies bills are paid. Low-budget commercials sometimes cause a negative effect on customers. We also have limited funds for research opportunities related to servicing vehicles.

2. Limited services: Sunny Days only offers minor mechanical services, which limits our market segment compared to other vehicle service companies that offer more complex restorations. Our limited services correlate directly with our limited budget.


1. Growing local market: The town of Sunny-ville is on the rise, and more car and truck owners are moving into the area than ever before. This is going to have a strong impact on the amount of business we receive in the future, and it is important that...
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