SWOT analysis Green Thumb Landscaping

Topics: Management, Gardening, Target market Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Elmquist, Reinhardt, Taylor
SWOT analysis for Green Thumb Landscaping
GTL already has a good overall satisfaction rate within the community. GTL has a Landscape Architect, a former brand manager, and a former operations manager of a lawn care treatment company. Our management staff has a well-rounded knowledge of business, and lawn care. GTL is offering a quality service for a fair price.

We currently have the necessary equipment and staff to operate the company. We do the little extras that make GTL stand out from our competition. We have a geographical advantage.
(The peak season lasts longer, and allows us to offer services year round.) The area offers an overall mid-high income which allows us more opportunity for maintenance accts. Our target market is very accessible.

The general manager’s knowledge of the industry is low.
GTL has little money to get the business up and running.
Starting off in the hole
Companies are more established in the area
( Bruno landscaping has been in area since 90’s)
need to acquire more maintenance accts
We need to secure a line of credit.
Our employee’s morale needs to be boosted.
Create SOP with employees
Incentives & Perks?
We need to assign roles and responsibilities
The availability of an upscale target segment is high.
We can generate buzz by giving, clinics, newspaper articles, magazines, on plantings and maintenance tips. We can offer green products
(Child/pet friendly).
GTL can hold in home focus groups to find out what our target segment needs, all while creating awareness of our services. We have a fresh start so we can revamp our company appearance. Offer to work developers, landscape for model homes.

Offer add on services such as (power washing, select plantings, seasonal plantings, and irrigation maintenance, lawn and shrub treatments). Possible retail store opening with lawn care and gardening products

Gain commercial and municipal...
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