System Integrity and Validation Kudler Foods

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System Integrity and Validation

ACC 542
November 11, 2013
Milan Havel

Summary of Recommendations
This company has established a new accounting information system to assist in all three stores. As part of this system, this firm recommends utilizing audit productivity software to enhance the system already recommended by this firm. Using audit productivity software will decrease the time necessary to audit the accounts as this will now be computerized. This will also increase profitability by decreasing money and time spent in the audit process and Kudler will be able to make alterations to the process more quickly than if audits were handled manually. Another recommendation by this firm would be the installation of continuous audit software that would continually monitor the data being input into the system. This would increase the effectiveness of auditing the stores. With the continuous audit software, Kudler would be able to follow-up on any abnormalities earlier as this software runs automatically. This would assist Kudler in handling any fraud issues that might arise as well. System Integrity and Validation

Kudler Fine Foods hired this corporation to establish a new electronic data system to handle the accounting and inventory needs of the company. As part of the proposal, this company will recommend ways to audit the information that the system creates. Once the data has been input into the system, audit procedures can take place to ensure the information is correct and that the company is performing well. This company will help Kudler establish audit processes for each area of the business.

As Kudler moves forward with the new automated accounting software as recommended earlier, it is important that an auditing process be established also. Since the accounting process has been converted to an accounting information system, computerized audit productivity software needs to be established as well. This will increase the productivity...

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