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Telematics will eventually play a part in the lives of all citizens. Law enforcement must adapt to new changes from technological advancements in equipment and resources. These advancements will start to fill in the gaps of lack of guardianship in an area as well as identify people of interest. “The routine activity approach to crime suggests that the daily, routine activities of populations influence the availability of targets of crime.” (pg. 474) There are many technological advancements and strategies in place, by use of telematics, to combat specific thefts. Law enforcement utilizes Telematics for combating vehicle theft and moving equipment. Telematics technology is when supporting systems can deliver information, communication and entertainment to other vehicles or mobile devices such as cell phones, lap tops or tablets. A few examples of telematics is GPS systems for vehicle locations, blue tooth, wireless capabilities or even the sending and receiving of text messages. This type of technology allow for instant location and communication. It is specifically important to law enforcement officers today because they use it for prevention of auto and equipment thefts. Many models of moving equipment and vehicles have become a high theft item in many areas of the community. Law enforcement across the nation has placed many programs and prevention taskforces in place to combat this theft. Patrol units are mainly responsible for most of the cases that involve stolen vehicles. Investigative personnel also partner with uniform patrol officers in providing information pertaining to motor vehicle theft in their duty areas. Patrol officers are given a list of stolen vehicles that can be recovered during one’s shift as well as possible identified suspects. The patrol officer will recover either stolen or abandoned vehicles. Police departments also utilize a system of baiting cars, or stationing a vehicle in an area of high vehicle theft rates in order to...
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