The Advancement of Technology in Automobiles

Topics: Automobile, Electric vehicle, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: March 28, 2014
The Advancement of Technology in Automobiles
In vehicles today, dashboards are riddled with touch screens, DVD players, and other gadgets which make your vehicles seem more like a space ship than an automobile. The touch screen offers satellite radio, blue tooth connectivity to your cell phone, visual navigation, and so on. Car companies are predicting that all new cars in the next five years will soon be connected to the internet and you will be able to sync your lap top to your car. With the rate of this technology advancement, I imagine the future of car technology requiring little work from the driver and the fuel systems in vehicles would be much cleaner and more efficient. In 20 years, the year would be 2033, and the car you are driving would be doing most of the work. You would open the door of your vehicle, and sit in the driver’s seat. Next, you enter in the location of your destination either verbally or through a touch screen keyboard. Then, off you go. In the years up to this technology, there will probably be obvious glitches. The first glitch being the program would not be able to account for speed zones, and the car would go at an automatic 35 miles per hour. The second being, the car would not account for inclement weather situations. The third being, the mapping program would not account for construction zones. As the technology has been perfected, the car would able to get from one destination to the next with little action from the driver. As the driver, you could just sit back and relax. The technology will most likely be so advanced, it will know the exact moment when you will run out of fuel/electricity, and it will base your trip accordingly and pull itself into the fuel station at the appropriate time. The software updates in the computer automatically like Google Maps does in your phone today.

With this technology, I assume and hope that the car industry would advance fuel technologies and the impact would be incredible. The...
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