The American Colonies

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Massachusetts, English Reformation Pages: 3 (440 words) Published: October 25, 2013


A. Creation of an English Colony--Jamestown (1607)

1. Joint Stock Company
2. First settlers were young, male adventurers looking to get rich

B. Early problems in Jamestown

1. Miscalculations
2. Difficulty securing labor

C. Relations with Native Peoples

1. John Smith
2. Powhatan
3. Pocahontas - Matoaka - Rebecca
4. Opechancanough, brother of Powhatan
-led group that killed 347 colonists in 1622
-became head of Powhatan Cofederacy in 1618

D. The "vile weed" that saved Jamestown

1. John Rolfe
-introduces tobacco to Virginia
-marries Pocahontas

E. Political and social changes of 1619

1. Head-Right System
2. House of Burgesses

I. English notions of freedom
A. The Crown and the People
1. Magna Carta, 1215
~ limited the power of the king
2. English Ideals of Freedom
~ a man who was able to control land & property was free B. Conflicts- Civil & Religious
1. Martin Luther
~ 95 Theses, 1517
~ excommunicated, 1520
* claimed the Pope wasn’t infallible
* began the Protestant Reformation
2. Henry VIII
~ broke from Rome 1534
* headed the church
* officially changed England to Protestant country & began Protestant Reformation in England
3. John Calvin
~ leaves Catholic church, 1534
~ publishes Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1536 ~ doctrine of election
~ wasn’t an innovator, but explained biblical ideas II. Puritans & the New World
A. Plymouth & Massachusetts Bay
1. Separatists vs. Puritans
~ separatists believed the only way to have a true doctrine was to completely...
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