The Analysis of the Huge Foreign Exchange Reserves of China

Topics: International economics, Bretton Woods system, International trade Pages: 31 (7836 words) Published: June 9, 2013
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毕 业 论 文

院 系: 亚澳商学院 (Asia-Australia Business College) 专 业: 金融学(金融与风险管理)
姓 名: 王宏钧(Wang Hongjun)
学生证号: 3845964/291703219
指导教师: 冯力
完成日期: 2013年5月6日
题 目: 中国巨额外汇储备分析
Title: The Analysis of the Huge Foreign Exchange Reserves of China

|毕业论文任务书 | |(Thesis Assignment) | |毕业论文题目:中国巨额外汇储备分析 | |Title of Thesis: The Analysis of the Huge Foreign Exchange Reserves of China | |选题意义、创新性、科学性和可行性论证: | |2012年末,中国的外汇储备高达3.31万亿美元。经济危机之后,外汇储备的快速增长产生了很多问题,例如通货膨胀等许多对经济发展的影响。因此,对中国 | |巨额外汇储备的分析就变得更为重要。 | | | |Verification of Topic from the View of Creativity, Science and Feasibility: | |China’s foreign exchange reserves have witnessed considerable accumulation and reached $3.31 trillion at the end of 2012. The rapid growth | |of foreign exchange reserves especially after the financial crisis has been confronting with many problems and questions, such as the | |raising domestic inflation, the pros and cons to the economic development. Therefore, the analysis of the huge foreign exchange reserves of| |China becomes more important. | | | |主要内容: | |本篇论文首先讨论的外汇储备的含义,然后描述了近35年中国外汇储备的现状。接下来分析了中国巨额外汇储备的有利和不利影响。最后在关于中国外汇储备 | |的合理管理和使用上给出建议。 | | | |Summary: | |This paper firstly talks about the implication of foreign exchange reserves, and then describes nearly 35 years’ status quo of China. Next,| |the positive and negative impacts of China’s huge foreign exchange reserves are talked. At last, give recommendations on management and | |usage of China’s foreign exchange reserves. . | |目的要求: | |这篇论文的目的就是通过对外汇储备的分析,对中国巨额外汇储备的使用和管理给出建议。 | | | | | |Objective: | |Based on the analysis of foreign exchange reserves, the objective of this report is to...

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