The Baroque Age

Topics: Baroque, Roman Catholic Church, Rome Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 27, 2012
In the 1600’s a new European age dawned. The Roman Catholic Church continued its march against Protestantism, and sovereign states. The art and architecture during this time provided spectacular and compelling images, which the church could reassert its presence through. The term baroque was coined in eighteenth-century by artist and scholars whose tastes were attuned to classical ideas. The word derives from the Portuguese word borroco, meaning irregular pearl. It was an era of constant turmoil; Europe was plagued with religious warfare. It was also a period of great scientific discoveries and intellectual change.

Technology during this time was mainly in warfare and within the household that led to a change in both public and private life. By the end of 1700’s there were new and improved firearms and different tactical stratagies. Including many upgrades to the musket, like adding bayonets to them, this ended the practice of close quarter pikemen. As these advantages were adopted by Europe, it marked the end of all medieval warfare. It replaced feudal host and started standing armies equipped with rifles and small artillery. Household technology had significant innovations, especially for the wealthy. Such as replacing the Gothic look with an Italian look. Wood burning fireplaces were introduced, so people didn’t have to spend most of their time in the kitchens. They were often in kitchens during the winter because before the fireplace they had open hearths for cooking, which they stayed near for warmth.

Baroque is a style in which painters, sculptors, and architects rummaged emotion, movement, and variety in their works. Baroque favors higher volumes, exaggerates decorations, adds colossal sculptures, huge furniture etc. Sense of movement, energy, and tension are dominant impressions. Strong contrasts of light and shadow often enhance dramatic effects. Baroque architecture was magnificent and complex, arranged in such a way as to impress anyone. Each...
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